900 CFM Diesel Air Compressor

900CFM Diesel Air Compressor Compair Holman DLT 3101 / 900-125S has been designed for the toughest site conditions. Whether road building, civil engineering or restoration work, this portable compressor offers outstanding reliability, performance and compressed air quality.

The compressor as standard is equipped with numerous options providing you with substantial cost savings.

900CFM Diesel Air Compressor Compair Holman DLT 3101 / 900-125S features:

  • Extended engine life
    Soft start extends the engine life time by reducing engine stress during start-up and allowing the engine to reach running temperature with the compressor unloaded.
  • Low noise emissions
    These portable compressors come with a quiet-running and low vibration 8-cylinder Cummins Turbo diesel engine.
  • Long service life
    Separate engine and compressor air filters guarantee a long service life, all service points are strategically located for easy access.
  • Reliable running
    Reliable performance can be achieved in Australia’s harsh environmental conditions.
  • 3 months warranty
  • Dual axle mounted

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