Air Track Drill Atlas Copco ROC460

Air Track Drill Atlas Copco ROC460, manufactured by Atlas Copco who provide innovative equipment, consumables and service for drilling and rock excavation. The Atlas Copco ROC460 pneumatic drill rig is designed for strength and agility. Equipped with VL 140 rock drill it can drill holes up to 102 mm diameter in open pit mining and stone quarrying.

Whether the application is surface mining, infrastructure, civil engineering, well drilling or geo technical, this Atlas Copco Air Track Drill will increase your productivity.

Air Track Drill features:

  • Surface drill rig for open pit mining and aggregate quarrying.
  • Interchangeable between Down-The-Hole and top hammer drilling to meet different applications.
  • Easy to transport due to fixed boom length and drill width.
  • One-man operated machine.
  • Low center of gravity provides high stability and ease of operation.

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